What common thread runs through our social crises of homelessness, incarceration, human trafficking, and crisis pregnancies? Many of the youth and adults who are end up in those crises were previously in foster care. Come and learn how all these systemic, social issues overlap and how you can be a part of the solution.

Who Is This Conference For?

  • People who want to support the adoptive/foster care community
  • People who are exploring foster care and adoption
  • Post-placement families who want to learn more and connect with other families
  • Everyone who is interested in learning more about the social crises in our city caused by the loss of family: homelessness, trafficking, incarceration, and crisis pregnancies.

A Future and A Hope
February 2, 2019

Check back later for updates on AFAH 2020!

AFAH 2019 was fantastic!

Thank you all for coming and supporting this day

We know people are already taking the next steps to care for adoptive and foster kids. Bob Goff, our keynote speaker, was inspiring and joy-filled!

Over 535 people attended, 24 exhibitors and many volunteers helped to support this day! We are thankful to all that supported this event!

Thank you to our 2019 sponsors!