Who Is This Conference For?

  • People who want to support the adoptive/foster care community
  • People who are exploring foster care and adoption
  • Post-placement families who want to learn more and connect with other families
  • Everyone who is interested in learning more about the social crises in our city caused by the loss of family: homelessness, trafficking, incarceration, and crisis pregnancies.

Restoring Homes. Restoring Families.

  • Date: February 22, 2020
  • Time: 9 AM – 3:30 PM
  • Location: Grace Covenant Church, 9805 Jollyville Road
  • Cost: $30/person
  • Childcare is no longer available.

Keynote Speaker

Luke & Miranda Caldwell

Luke grew up in Boise, Idaho and married his first sweetheart, Miranda. Together they have two biological children and have adopted four more. Their joy in experiencing transformation is not limited merely to home renovations, but he and Miranda find their true life’s calling in joy of their growing family through adoption. It was Luke’s heart for adoption that led him to realize his purpose as a designer and real estate investor. The high costs associated with adoption required a much greater outlay than a musician in ministry could ever fathom paying. Luke purchased his first real estate investment at auction, a run down house that needed a full overhaul. He poured a ton of love into it and sought to make it a home that he and his family would be proud to live in. That renovated home not only helped provide the necessary funding for that first adoption, it simultaneously became the canvas upon which Luke began the expression of all things creative that had for years developed within him. Luke Caldwell co-hosts in the new HGTV hit show Boise Boys, which follows good friends and home renovation duo Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson as they purchase and revitalize outdated homes.
For more see lukecaldwell.com

Jaime Masters

Jaime Masters is the Commissioner of the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). She was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott effective December 2, 2019, for a term set to expire September 1, 2021. Previously, Jaime Masters served as the Chief of Health Services and Acting Chief of Operations for Jackson County Missouri. She also served as the Deputy Secretary of Family Services and as the Director of Economic and Employment Services for the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF). Prior to her service with the Kansas DCF, Ms Masters served as the Director of Procurement and Contract Compliance for the Unified Government of Wyandotte County, Kansas City, Kansas and as a Mental Health Program Manager for the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, she served as a member of the Kansas Sentencing Commission and the Kansas Board of Indigent Defense. Masters received a Bachelor of Science in human resource management and a Master of Science in marriage and family therapy from Friends University in Wichita, Kansas.

Patty Waters

Patty Waters grew up from the age of 13 in Austin, Texas where her and her 3 siblings were adopted by the Waters family. Patty and her siblings were in the foster care system for 5 years. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Healthcare Administration and a Masters in Business Administration at the University of Houston – Clear Lake. She hopes to encourage and empower current and former foster youth to pursue their dreams and to create a dialogue that shares a unique perspective from an adopted teenager.

Breakout Session Topics


I Said Yes presentation is a great first step in learning more about the foster care system. You’ll hear about the 5 Needs of Foster Care and how there is a role for everyone. If you are exploring how you can get involved, attend this session to get an overview and next steps. If you are a ministry leader, attend this session to preview the presentation that FHA can bring to your church to encourage your congregations to get involved!

Speaker: Josh and Kelly Owens


We need trauma-informed care because it is the understanding of what happens to the body, brain, beliefs, biology and behavior when a child or an adult experiences trauma.  All children who are adopted or in foster care have experienced trauma.  In this session learn what trauma is and why it is important to respond to children with trauma in a different way.

Speaker: Marci Chandler, Lisa Medlin


Foster care and adoption attracts those who are selfless and calls those who sacrifice for vulnerable children and families, but when is that sacrifice and selflessness detrimental for us and those we care for? Engage in honest conversation on the idols of busyness and multitasking, the importance of Sabbath, perseverance, and saying “No”, and the misguided pursuit of balance.

Speaker: Bruce Kendrick


Data from Child Protective Services shows that children of color are over-represented in the child welfare system at a rate that is disproportionate to their population in the community. With this information in mind, it is critical that everyone, from social workers, lawyers, advocates, and caregivers, understand and take into consideration cultural competency and how racial inequities affect the children in foster care. Generational and racial trauma will be discussed and candid, honest discussions on how everyone involved in the child welfare system can understand bias and ways to overcome cultural differences will be explored.

Speaker: Honorable Aurora Martinez Jones


Churches often focus on the programs, curriculum, lights, and music that make a Children’s Ministry great, but often forget the impact of making children feel safe, secure and loved. Feeling safe can go a long way towards helping them experience and accept God’s love. We will discuss what trauma is, what its impacts are, and how it informs behavior along with practical strategies to serve children in their ministries, as well as a plan of action to empower other leaders and volunteers.

Speakers: Ryan and Kayla North


When a child is removed, the state’s goal is to reunify parents with their children. Often times this means the parents must go through the court system to receive steps they must take before their children are returned. This can be an overwhelming process for families. Learn about an innovative new collaborative between Williamson County Courts, Cenikor Addiction Recovery, STARRY Counseling and Fostering Hope Austin to create a “bridge” model of services to more effectively bring hope and healing to families reunifying and their children.

Panelists: Jessica Kilpatrick, Honorable Ryan Larson, Raul Garcia, Anna Valdez   Facilitator: Amanda Keeter


There are 5 questions we hear from people exploring foster care all the time. They are questions that keep people from moving forward, and they are all answerable! What about my kids at home? How do I return a child I care so much about? How do I connect with the family of origin as the fostering parent? What if I can’t handle their behavior? What if my spouse or close family members think I’m crazy for wanting to foster? These questions will be answered and more by foster parents who have gone through them.

Speaker: Brandon and Janice Reyes


Did you feel a lot of attention and support while you were going through the adoption process and then when the adoption was finalized, all support disappeared?  Perhaps you too, thought the hard part was over once the adoption was finalized, only to realize that adoption issues still come up after years of your son or daughter are home.  Join Julie Kouri, adoptive parent for 14 years of 3 kids as she provides insight on all the seasons of hope and challenges with adoption.

Speaker: Julie Kouri


Navigating the legal child welfare system can be difficult. In this session, Judge Martinez Jones will shed light on the process families go through in a CPS case from the investigation stages to various permanency outcomes. Judge Martinez Jones will discuss legal timelines, required court hearings, and the caregiver’s role.

Speaker: Honorable Aurora Martinez Jones


There are many children with special needs available for adoption. This can be overwhelming, but there are resources to support a family. Learn questions to consider before adopting special needs and how to advocate for resources.

Speaker: Amy Roberts

BUILDING MY VILLAGE FROM ONE: Practical Tips For Creating A Meaningful, Sustainable Community Around the Single Parent

Experienced parent, Hallie Graves will lead a discussion based on real-life experiences of the ups and downs of being a single foster parent and the hope that you can welcome a child into a single parent household.

Speaker: Hallie Graves


Is your heart pulled internationally for the orphans overseas? The process is long and not as prevalent as it once was, but there is still much to learn before making a decision. Learn the basic process and steps to take to adopt internationally.

Speakers: Whitney and Nick Runyon


Is domestic infant adoption the option for you? Learn the basic process of infant adoption and questions to ask. Understand open adoption and how to begin the steps to adopting an infant through a private agency.

Speaker: Sarah Boyd


There are many children and teens available for adoption right now. Learn about these kids and how to begin a process to adopt through foster care.

Speaker: Christy Rome and Ty Cliffel


In working with families for many years, we often come across parents who are simply exhausted by challenging behaviors. They understand that their child has experienced trauma, but have lost compassion and don’t have a plan for these behaviors and end up resorting to yelling, threats, and other disconnected parenting strategies. Lying, stealing, and disrespect are big behaviors that can be a huge trigger for parents. We will remind caregivers of how trauma impacts the brain, how to look for the need behind the behavior, and will give parents and caregivers a practical problem-solving checklist to work through challenging behaviors in a way that builds connection and trust.

Speaker: Ryan and Kayla North

About Our Breakout Speakers


Honorable Aurora Martinez Jones

Judge Martinez Jones is part of the new court in Travis County, the 459th.  As a County Associate Judge, she has led local reform efforts to provide a more compassionate, trauma-informed and efficient process towards child welfare cases. She also worked as a sole practitioner, representing families that needed a voice, with hands-on experience in the diverse legal issues that have come before the court.


Bruce Kendrick

Bruce Kendrick is the Director of Life Initiatives at Watermark Church in Dallas.  He and his wife, Denise fostered 30 children, adopted 5 kids, and co-founded Embrace Texas, an organization that supports the recruitment and retention of foster and adoptive parents. 


Anna Valdez

A native Texan, Anna Valdez lived in Monterrey, Mexico for the past 5 years as a Program Coordinator for the international organization, Back2Back Ministries. She is a TBRI practitioner and mentor. Along with being a Program Coordinator, Anna worked as a caregiver in an orphanage in Monterrey. There she was the primary caregiver for 17 teenage girls in a span of 5 years with whom she successfully applied the TBRI principles. Under the direction of nationally known social worker and author, Jayne Schooler, she trained families, other caregivers and professional staff in the Trauma Competent Caregiver curriculum. Anna managed 9 other trainers and was on the ground floor of developing and translating the curriculum. Her experience includes developing group specific training for volunteers, support groups for foster parents and caregivers, and helping institutions move through the continuum of trauma informed care. Anna is fluent in Spanish and taught high school English before moving to Mexico.


Jessica Kilpatrick

Jessica Kilpatrick is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works as the Chief Program Officer at STARRY in Round Rock, Texas. Jessica attended the University of Texas in Austin and received her Bachelor of Science in Applied Learning and Development and Texas State University to earn her Masters Degree in Professional Counseling. She has over 20 years of experience in working with children in foster home, school, community center, and counseling settings. Jessica worked as a counselor at STARRY for 4 years before becoming their Program Support Specialist and later, Director of Training and Program Development for both the Counseling and Foster Care Program. She worked for over 2 years to implement trauma-informed care throughout STARRY services and the greater community. Jessica is now the Chief Program Officer at STARRY working to develop, sustain, assess, and improve programs. Jessica is a Trust-Based Relational Intervention Educator®, Practitioner®, and Mentor® and has spent the last 5 years studying under the mentorship of TCU’s Institute of Child Development. She has trained over a 1,000 teachers, parents, and professionals in Trust-Based Principles. Jessica is passionate about changing the world for children.

Marci Headshot

Marci Chandler

Marci is a licensed Physical Therapist and received her MSPT from Texas State University in 2008. After graduation she worked with people who had experienced traumatic brain injuries in both the acute and rehabilitation settings. She and her husband Mark have a 10 year old biological son and a 6 year old adopted daughter. Since adopting her daughter, Marci has volunteered with the Embrace Ministry of Vertical Chapel and has received certification to train other caregivers to become Trauma Competent.


Hallie Graves

Hallie Graves is a 30-something from the great Austin, Texas. Not a fan of the linear life, Hallie’s a speaker and writer, a lawyer with a boutique law firm, the Outreach Director for Polished Austin (@polishedaustin), and a #singlefostermom with infant placements, and is overly interested in just about everything. Hallie is passionate about encouraging people to live fully in light of the grace and freedom of Jesus and to use every ounce of all they’ve been given in this life. She loves the Austin library, Broadway shows, queso, yoga, words, and her people. Hallie’s involved in the Austin Stone Community Church, Foster Village, and The Archibald Project, and has degrees in voice, physics, and law.


Josh and Kelly Owen

Josh and Kelly Owen live in San Marcos, TX with their five kids—two biological children, one adopted child, and two foster children. As an adoptee himself, Josh has always had a heart for the orphan and as a twin, Kelly has always had a heart for sibling sets. Before they ever got married, God had written these things on their hearts and they knew one day they’d be serving siblings in foster care. Josh serves as the Teaching Pastor of Soma San Marcos and Kelly oversees the Children’s Ministry. They are passionate about equipping the local church to love and serve the orphan well! Fostering Hope Austin has been a vital resource to their family over the past few years, as they have trained up several babysitters to come alongside them on this journey. The Owen family loves the outdoors! In the summer, you can usually find them having fun at the river and in the winter, they take advantage of local hiking trails.

SarahBoyd (1)

Sarah Boyd

Sarah Boyd has always had a heart for children. She has been in education over 15 years . She has taught in the classroom, both public and private, and later worked as a dyslexia therapist. She now works as a part time teacher trainer. She graduated from the University of Texas and later received her Masters of Education in Reading and Writing from SMU. Sarah and her college sweetheart, Lambert, have been married for 16 years. Together they came to this conference many years ago with a desire to see where God was leading them after some years of unexpected challenges to starting their family. They have two beautiful children, Lucy (6) and Luke (2). Both of their children were infant domestic adoptions. Sarah is passionate about sharing their story of adoption and encouraging others that may be on a similar journey.


Judge Ryan D. Larson

Ryan D. Larson was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott as judge of the 395th District Court, a court of general jurisdiction, in 2016. Prior to his appointment, Judge Larson was the Director for Administrative Hearings at the Texas Railroad Commission. He previously served under then-Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott as an assistant attorney general.
Outside the courtroom, Judge Larson is an appointee to the legislatively created Prevention Advisory Task Force, a statewide task force charged with making recommendations to the Texas Legislature on strategies for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Judge Larson is a member of the Williamson County Inns of Court, a Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation, and a deacon at his church. He is married to a brilliant and beautiful trademark attorney, and together they have two children, ages 5 and 9.


Raul Garcia

As an educator, mentor and community leader, Raul Garcia has inspired and touched the lives of students, clients, and colleagues for over 20 years. A licensed chemical dependency counselor with a masters in social work, Raul has spent the last three years with Cenikor as a Facility Director and Lead Clinical Manager for the Foundation. He has helped lead Cenikor Austin since its inception and help sustain its continued growth. Prior to Cenikor, he spent eleven years with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, managing outpatient services for incarcerated men and women. During his time, as a volunteer, he was a key contributor in the development and growth of the Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) organization, serving as Chair for four years. A common thread in Raul’s professional and volunteer positions is his deep belief in community collaboration and holistic long-term care for people seeking recovery. Raul has consistently and compassionately advocated to build and improve recovery services for those suffering with addiction, their families and the community at large.

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Whitney and Nick Runyon

Whitney and Nick Runyon have been married for over 10 years, adopted a sibling group of 3 and are the co-founders of the orphan care nonprofit, The Archibald Project. Since starting The Archibald Project in 2012, the Runyons have traveled and worked in over 14 countries and partnered with over 50 amazing organizations seeking to holistically fight the orphan crisis. They have learned the hard way who to trust and that when it comes to vulnerable people you must investigate and ask hard questions because people’s lives are at stake, and people are worth it! The Runyons have seen corruption and redemption, and their hearts bleed for the vulnerable children and families who so often experience unethical standards. The Runyon’s desire is to see the orphan crisis eliminated. This does not mean there will no longer be orphans in the world, but this means that every child will have a safe and healthy home environment where they have the opportunity to develop and thrive!


Amy Roberts

Amy Roberts is a mom of 3 children (2 biological and 1 adopted from China); through her journey of adopting & raising a child with special needs, she has seen God work in her, her family and her priorities and path in life; she is a co-founder of a local non-profit, Hill Country Special Needs Alliance; she also has served as the special needs coordinator at her church, Hill Country Bible Church-Steiner Ranch campus for over 5 years; she enjoys spending time with her family & friends and subbing some in the area school clinics to keep her nursing license & skills up!


Lisa Medlin

Lisa earned her JD from St. Mary’s University, where she worked at the Human Rights Clinic and under a HUD grant to provide legal services to San Antonio’s vulnerable populations. After graduation, Lisa worked as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Supervisor where she was the Guardian Ad Litem for children involved with Child Protective Services (CPS). She and her family have adopted two children through the CPS system in Travis County, and in 2018, Lisa co-founded Embrace Ministry of Vertical Chapel, which provides support and care for parents of foster and adopted children.


Julie Kouri

Julie has been leading and supporting foster and adoption ministries across Central Texas for more than a decade. Julie is an approved Educator in Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) and an Empowered to Connect Trainer. Her experience includes working directly with Dr. Karyn Purvis and Texas Christian University to develop trauma-informed church ministries in Central Texas. As an adoptive parent to her own three children, Julie has mentored and trained hundreds of foster and adoptive families.

Ryan and KaylaNorth

Ryan & Kayla North

Ryan and Kayla North have 6 children, 4 adopted from foster care. They spent 10 years as foster parents and have learned many of the things they share with families and churches in the trenches. The Norths have trained and mentored hundreds of ministry leaders and trainers in the United States and Canada. They are both TBRI Practitioners and speak at churches, conferences, and retreats nationwide.


Janice & Brandon Reyes

Janice and Brandon Reyes are foster and adoptive parents with ten years of marriage and three kids.They met as teachers of inner city youth in Bronx, NY, where they fell in love and discovered a shared joy in caring for kids from hard places. After having two biological boys nearly one year apart, in 2015 they adopted their daughter after a nine-month foster care placement. Janice is a TBRI Practitioner and Family Mentor with Fostering Hope Austin. Brandon is a Fire Protection and Plumbing Engineer and enjoys writing and performing spoken word. Brandon and Janice are active in their church and enjoy supporting and advocating for the vulnerable whenever they can.


Ty Cliffel

Ty Cliffel earned a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Ball State University. She is an LPC, National Certified Counselor, and Licensed Child Placing Agency Administrator. She has served children and families in a variety of settings including residential treatment, group homes and schools. She has also supervised case management services in foster care, adoption and kinship services. Currently, Ty oversees the recruitment and training of foster and adoptive parents, conducts home studies, and provides support services throughout the placement process at The Settlement Home for Children. She is a TBRI Practitioner and Pathways to Permanence 2 Facilitator. Ty is an adoptee who has been in reunion with her birth family for 25 years.


Christy Rome

Christy Rome is a board member with Partnerships for Children, where she serves on the leadership team for the Heart Gallery of Central Texas, which seeks to find permanent loving homes for children that have statistically been the hardest to place in forever families. Over the years, Christy has been a licensed foster parent that helped play “matchmaker” for children in need of adoptive families, as well as a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). Professionally, Christy runs a non-profit that advocates on behalf of public schools.