Registration for May 6 is now closed.  Click on the button below if you want to know when the next training date will be scheduled.

We are excited to announce a babysitting certification collaboration among 10 agencies in our community. Arrow, Circles of Care, CPS, Depelchin, Helping Hand Home, Pathways, PCHAS, SAFE, Settlement Home, STARRY, and Fostering Hope Austin are working together to make it easier for people to support foster parents!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the date and time for Training Day?  Saturday, May 6th from 9a-3p at Hill Country Bible Church Lakeline. Lunch is provided and childcare will be available for those who register for it. Your day may be shorter if you have been certified in CPR in the past 12 months.

What is the cost to be certified?  Registration is $10.  Fingerprinting is $43 for each person who gets fingerprinted. The TB test is $30 through RediClinic if you choose to have the test on training day.  Fostering Hope Austin is covering the cost of the CPR/1st Aid training, lunch and childcare.

Who are the 10 agencies that are part of the joint certification?  Arrow, Circles of Care, CPS, Depelchin, Helping Hand Home, Pathways, PCHAS, SAFE, STARRY, Settlement Home Thank you to all the partner agencies!
The agency I want to babysit for is not on the list. Can they join the collaboration now?  Not for this first round of training, but when we do this again, we will open it up to other agencies.  We were not trying to be exclusive; we just needed to start somewhere and this group was already meeting regularly.

Why are you asking people to choose only 3 agencies if there are 10 agencies in the collaboration?    All 10 agencies have agreed on the same requirements. However, it didn’t seem like a good idea for anyone to be called by 10 different agencies for a babysitting request.  Three choices gives you flexibility but still keeps you from getting over-run by requests.  You can add other agencies within a year if you choose to work with another agency.

Is this a faith-based training?  No. The training we provide on May 6 is based on Trust-based Relational Intervention which is an evidence-based trauma-informed care training.  There are no requirements to attend a church or be of a religious preference to be a part of this babysitting certification.

What is a Paperwork Guide?  To make the process as painless as possible we are assigning everyone going through certification with a Paperwork Guide (PG).  Questions can come up with each person’s situation regarding the steps and paperwork, so the PG is there to help you as much or as little as you need.

Who will need to be background checked?  If you bring a foster care child into your home to babysit, then every person 18 years or older in the home must be background checked.  Anyone, 18 years and older, who anticipates being left alone with the foster child must have a background check AND go through the certification.

Can I get paid as a babysitter? We are hopeful that no one uses babysitting as an income, but as a service to foster parents.  There are no requirements for foster parents to pay for babysitting and it is up to the babysitter and foster family to decide if there will be compensation. Agencies do not reimburse or provide compensation to babysitters.

Who will need a TB test?  Anyone left alone with the child or who has consistent interaction with the child must have a TB test.

I completed my CPR/1st Aid certification already. Do I need to do it again?  If your certification is less than 12 months old, then you do not need to do it again.  Bring the certificate or card to Training Day so we can make copies for the agencies.

I had a TB test already. Do I need to do it again?  As long as you have done it in the past 8 months, then you need to bring the results documented to the Training Day so we can make copies for the agencies.