Become a Stronger Parent

Parenting kids who come from hard places can be really tough. We get that. But there is so much hope and help available. Your kids have been hurt in relationships, and it is only through healthy relationships that they will find healing. We know that sounds like a lot to ask, but you’ve been chosen to be their mom or dad, and we can help you be a stronger foster or adoptive parent.

Download the pdf resources below to learn more about trauma-informed care. But we really want you to connect with someone face-to-face if you are struggling. Check out our training, mentoring, and support group opportunities.

Resources for Foster and Adoptive Parents

Delighting in Your Child

Playing with your child is a great way to correct and connect

Summer Sanity Activity Plan

Print this out as a guide for activities and structure for your summer!  Plan activities this summer that support your child’s heart, mind, body and soul.

Foster Family Roster

Give this pdf to a foster/adoptive family to fill out and then build a support team around them.

Training Opportunities for Trauma-Informed Care

Read descriptions about the various trainings in trauma-informed care

Supporting Parents

Be bold, parents. Print out this resource and hand it to a friend.

Find a Mentor

For those who live in or near Austin, connect with a local mentor by filling out this short form. We will be in touch soon.

Be a Mentor

Become a mentor and share what you know. Be the presence that makes all the difference in another family’s life.

Get Your Church Connected

Don't wait for someone else to take initiative! If you think your church should be involved with Fostering Hope Austin, contact us today and make a plan!