Fostering Hope Ministry Coordinators

I thank my God every time I remember you. ~Philippians 1:3

Welcome Ministry Coordinators!

Thanks for checking out the latest news and updates for your ministry and church. We’ll keep this page updated with downloadable materials, meeting dates, and news for you and for your ministry. Stop by regularly! We’ll keep you in the know!

Next FHA Meeting: March 27, 2017 11a-12:30p
Location: Grace Covenant Church Offices, Room 201

Babysitting Certification

The joint babysitting certification has a lot of momentum!  Registration will open on 2/18 and we anticipate that it will fill up fast.  Watch the FHA FB page for the latest updates and we’ll send out an email to you with updates.  Share it with your families as a way to provide that wrap-around support!  Flyers are below in the resource section.

Keep Praying!

We need people to pray for 300 new foster families at 3:00 everyday!  Under the Resources section are prayer card pdfs and FB images you can post. If you need a way for everyone to engage during Orphan Sunday or during November Adoption Month, use the prayer cards!

 Know People Interested in Fostering? 2nd Tuesday of Each Month

Send them to the DFPS Orientation held monthly at the DFPS Summit offices or Bannockburn Church.  FHA Mentors are at the meetings available to talk with people and it is a quality presentation.

What is a Ministry Coordinator?

A FHA Ministry Coordinator is the first step in becoming a FHA Partner Church. They commit to becoming trauma-informed through one of the many opportunities FHA provides, and they start the conversation with others in their church who might also want to get involved. FHA connects with this person as the liaison to the rest of their church, to give them timely information, best-in-class resources and local opportunities. Contact us today at [email protected] to start the process to become your church’s FHA Ministry Coordinator.