We serve our community in two ways:

1. We help volunteers and church communities find a place to serve.

We help individuals and church communities navigate the foster care system and determine what role they want to play.  We’ve identified 5 needs in the foster care system and there are community programs and opportunties for every level of commitment to get involved based on the individual’s or church’s passion and talents.

But we don’t stop there.  Once a person is connected to a service opportunity, they still may need support in understanding the effects of trauma on children and how to best support the system.  We provide compassion building training and we provide mentoring to support volunteers and families.

2. We support volunteers and families to serve well.

Kids with trauma can be challenging and the system they are in also has its challenges.  We provide support to families and volunteers who need training in trauma-informed care.  We also provide coaching on how to handle tough situations.

We make recommendations for services, and we connect volunteers and families with resources and other organizations that can support them and the kids in their care.

Our motivations in doing all this?  The staff at Fostering Hope Austin have been there. We are foster and adoptive families who get the challenges and the joys in caring for children, and we’ve navigated the system too.    We want all volunteers and families to be supported and prepared, so they can provide the best care for our communities kids.

Our Programs:

Helping you find a place to serve:

  •  5 Needs of Foster Care
  • I Said Yes Parties
  • Mentoring
  • Church Ministry Development

Supporting You to Serve Well

  • Trauma Informed Care Training
    • For Foster and Adoptive Families
    • Compassion Building Presentations for Support Roles
    • Children’s Ministry Training for Churches
  • Babysitting Training

Be a Part of This Story

Partner with us and start transforming our foster and adoptive community.